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We help people after spinal cord injury and their loved ones return to active life.


Physiotherapy support clients after spinal cord injury when returning to everyday life. Regular exercise has a positive effect on improving physical fitness, improving respiratory functions, reducing pain (including spasticity), maintaining the physiological joint range, preventing arthritic changes, stability, stereognosis (the perception of your own body in space), increasing muscle strength and, last but not least, leading to overall physical and mental health.

Personal Assistance

The personal assistance service was born to provide people in wheelchairs with new opportunities to live their lives “without restrictions.” The time of overcrowded institutions and out-of-home care is disappearing one step at a time. People with mobility restrictions can stay in a home environment without requiring constant care from their loved ones. The personal assistant takes on the role of the client’s hands and feet and takes a job in the performance of the care of himself, in personal hygiene, helps with the provision of food, maintains the client’s household according to his requirements, but also accompanies him to exercises or cultural events.

Professional social counseling

Professional social counseling helps people with spinal cord injury to find the right solution and information needed to cope with a new life situation. We support our clients in their return to life, in exercising their rights and legitimate interests, in dealing with the authorities and other institutions. The team of experts provides clients with support in the field of social, legal, psychological, occupational, and also in the area of barrier-free.

Ergotherapy and

Ergotherapy is an integral part of the client’s complex rehabilitation after spinal cord injury. During self-sufficiency exercises, clients train, for example, the stability of the fuselage, which is essential both for safe riding in the wheelchair and during movements. They also rehearse the dress code, experience fine motor skills, and graphomotorics. Last but not least, they can also deal with sexual function disorders with an occupational therapist. In the practice of self-service skills, an integral part of the team is also an instructor of self-sufficiency. Thanks to his experience of living in a wheelchair pass advice and tips on how to handle the activity more often and at the same time better.

Gym & Fitness

Our gym is of increasing interest. Thanks to the growing range of fitness devices, which are specially adapted for the needs of people in a wheelchair. Also, thanks to our accredited fitness instructors. The gym includes a rowing trench, handbike trainer, fitness tower, exercise bike, punching bag, bench press, and other equipment and tools.

Barrier-free transport

Transport is provided by our two barrier-free cars. Transportation is provided in Brno and its surroundings. Thanks to our modified cars, our clients could comfortably be transported to the doctor, to the office, to our ParaCENTER Fenix, or anywhere they need.

Barrier-free videos

With the support of the Department of Health of the Brno City Council, our organization implements the project “Brno is also my city,” which maps the real accessibility in the buildings. The result is a short instructional video that provides visual information to all citizens with reduced mobility. It shows the accessibility of spaces they intend to visit. It is thereby reducing their fears that some objects are inaccessible to them, and that they will not be able to navigate them.

Barrier-free apartment

Barrier-free apartment 3+1 on The Kosmonautů street in Brno is designed for our clients who need to solve the issue of barrier-free accommodation for a transitional period. The apartment is fully equipped including special equipment for access with mobility impairments (barrier-free bathroom, kitchen, reclining bed, and ceiling jack). The client can use the apartment for up to 6 months together with the caretaker.

Rental of compensatory equipment

There is no need to buy all compensatory aids right away. In case you are currently testing what you are comfortable with, or are experiencing an existing disorder, you are waiting for the equipment to be made to measure, or if you are not able to do so, use the tool only for a short time. Borrow the compensatory aids you need for a full three months.

Nutrition advice

The service began to work in the spring, with Tereza Škobránková, a former occupational therapist and graduate of the nutrition counseling course, taking the lead. For those interested in a healthier lifestyle, it offers comprehensive advice. While the Fit course with Fenix reveals the basic principles of balanced eating to participants, as part of the individual follow-up lessons, those interested in more in-depth into the theme learn to tailor their diets.

Lectures, talks

We choose the topics of lectures so that it has a direct connection to the problems of people in the wheelchair so that those interested can learn something new. We also offer talks for schools where students will learn how to prevent injury and what follows when an accident happens. Finally, the listeners have the opportunity to try out the ride on the cart and listen to the life story of one of our clients.


It takes place every summer when we spend one week with our clients in a barrier-free resort in Vysočina near the village of Březejc. The stay is intended for our clients and their family members. As part of the visit, there are activation exercises, self-sufficiency exercises, group exercises, trips to the surroundings, creation, bonfire, passing on experiences, and various games with lots of fun.


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